Val Holstrom

Val Holstrom

Senate fast track push doesn't stop criticism of trade

The Teamsters have made it clear they are against fast track.

TEAMSTER NATION | The Senate will begin debate later today on a fast track trade bill that will serve as a vehicle to ram the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) through Congress. And despite the smiles and reassurances coming from supporters, new problems with the trade deal keep on popping up.

Take, for instance, the $700 million in Medicare cuts that were added to a package of trade bills bundled together to make fast track and the TPP seem more palatable. Those dollars cover trade adjustment assistance costs. GOP lawmakers insisted on the slashing of senior health care program to support workers who lose their jobs due to trade deals like the TPP, and some Democrats went along with it.

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Membership Appreciation BBQ May 21st

The May Membership Appreciation BBQ is scheduled for May 21st, 5 PM, at the Spokane Teamster Hall. The General Membership Meeting will immediately follow. Hope to see you there!

Dependent Eligibility Verification Program ‐ deadline extended

Please be advised that the documentation due date for the Dependent Eligibility Verification Program, being conducted by HMS Employer Solutions, an independent firm, has been extended to June 4, 2015.

Download the flyerAs part of our commitment to control healthcare costs for our participating employers, local unions, participants and their dependents, the Trust works hard to preserve the benefits we offer under our healthcare plan(s). The Dependent Eligibility Verification Program will help us continue doing that by ensuring that all dependents enrolled in our medical and dental plan(s) meet eligibility guidelines so that only eligible dependents are covered. Covering dependents that are not eligible raises cost for benefits, which is reflected in the premiums paid by employers and participants. We are confident this process will ensure that we are covering eligible dependents in a fair and equitable manner.

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Local 690's Secretary-Treasurer Val Holstrom Appointed to Represent Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho as an Advisor to the Executive Board of Joint Council 28.

Secretary-Treasurer Val Holstrom was appointed by the Executive Board of Joint Council 28 to serve on the Advisory Board of Joint Council 28 on March 13, 2015. Secretary-Treasurer Val Holstrom accepted the position (along with the other Advisory Board Members) on March 13, 2015.

Secretary-Treasurer Val Holstrom thanked the Executive Board of Joint Council 28 for the appointment and said it will be an honor and a privilege to serve and represent the interests of the members of the Joint Council in Eastern Washington, North Idaho and Local 690.

2015 James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Essay Contest Applications Due June 15, 2015

 James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship

Separate from the annual scholarship for high school seniors, the 2015 James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund Essay Contest will award one-time $1,000.00 scholarships annually to 200 students. All applicants must comply with the following eligibility criteria.

This year's essay topic is: "What impact would an increase in union membership have on the U.S. economy and the middle class?"

The application deadline for the  2015 Essay Contest is June 15, 2015.

Download the application and instructions here.

Talking Sysco with IBT President Hoffa

IBT President Jim Hoffa with Local 690 Business Agent Larry kroetch

Teamsters Local 690's Business Agent Larry Kroetch met with James P. Hoffa (General President of International Brotherhood of Teamsters) and others to discuss the proposed Sysco/US Food merger.

2014 Christmas Party Photos

Check out the 2014 Christmas Party photos!

The photos from the 2014 Christmas Party are up! There are a LOT, so we broke it down into seven different photo galleries.

Tom Sherry and KREM 2 Say 'Thanks!' to Local 690

KREM 2 letter

"Dear Teamsters Local 690,

"On behalf of everyone at KREM 2 we thank you for supporting Tom's Turkey Drive this year. Your generosity helped 11,000 families receive a complete Thanksgiving meal this holiday season. The majority of these meals were distributed on Turkey Tuesday at the Spokane Arena before Thanksgiving. Local food banks helped distribute the remaining meals to families living just outside of Spokane. "
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Teamsters Local 690 donates to Tom's Turkey Drive

At the Sysco Annual Shareholders Meeting

Local 690 Business Agent Larry Kroetch in HoustonLocal 690's Secretary-Treasurer Val Holstrom sent Business Agent Larry Kroetch to Houston to join with Teamster Members and Representatives from across the country in support of the IBT's National campaign raising awareness by attending the Sysco Annual Shareholders Meeting and voiced our concerns about the proposed merger. Teamsters attending the meeting held the floor for approximately 75% of the time, asking pointed questions to the Board and demanding our concerns about protecting our member be heard and addressed.

During the meeting Teamsters held a 2 hour rally outside the meeting for public support and awareness. In one of the photos you can see one of the challenges we faced, as the Houston Police Department was in force at the rally.

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Membership Appreciation BBQ May 21, 2015

Spokane: BBQ at 5 PM, meeting to follow.
690 Teamster Hall.

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2015 James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund Essay Contest

 James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship


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