Broken Wheel

Remembering Our Departed Teamster Brothers and Sisters

(If you know of a recently deceased member or retiree who should be added to this please, please contact our office.)

  • Pam Lindberg, Retired Wonderbread
  • Richard Ellenson, Retired URM
  • Josh Horton, UPS
  • Ron Fitch, Lanier Brugh
  • Bob Pierson, Retired CPM
  • Michael Cochrane, Retired Joey August
  • Fred Hutchinson, URM
  • Dean Kennedy, Retired Purina Mills
  • Barry Sartz, Retired Darigold
  • Tom Tobin, Retired FSA
  • Bill Joy, Retired B&B Distributors & EBoard Member
  • Tommy Fletcher, Retired Safeway
  • Steve Heintz, Spokane Co. Public Defenders