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Roy Wheeler Receives 15-Year Pin

Roy Wheeler receiving 15-year pin from Val Holstrom

Congratulations to Construction member Roy Wheeler, who is shown above receiving his 15-year Teamster Pin from Local 690 Secretary-Treasurer Val Holstrom.

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Labor Endorsements for 2014 General elections

Download this sample ballotThe candidates endorsed on the sample ballot have filled out questionnaires and been interviewed by union leaders. We know that everyone casts their votes based on lots of reasons. These recommendations are based on looking for candidates who have your bet interest at heart regarding working family issues, pocket-book, and workplace issues. If an office is not listed then no endorsement was made at the time this went to print. Please remember to vote!!!

Washington voters will get their General Election ballots in the mail about October 15th and they are due back by November 4, 2014.

Check out the Washington State Teamsters Joint Council No. 28 election endorsements here.

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JC 28 Teamster Women's Caucus Reports on Chicago Conference

TWC photo

September 4, 2014 marked the beginning of the 12th Annual Teamster Women's Conference. This year it was held in Chicago and there were almost 1,200 Teamsters in attendance. Again, a record-breaking year.

Music played a large role in all of the daily ceremonies, with Gospel singers and a Bagpipe & Drum Corps. Director Becky Strzechoski was eloquent and strong-spoken, telling us:

"We stand up for workers rights and we will use the power of our vote this November".
She was followed by General President James P. Hoffa, who informed us that the City of Chicago, Cook County, and the State of Illinois pronounced Friday September 5th to be "Teamster Women's Day."

Download the newsletterOur Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall told us to get out the vote for the November mid-term elections and speak up as leaders in our union.

Through out the conference there were educational workshops and round tables. Some topics were: The ABC's of Collective Bargaining; Basic Teamsters Steward Skills; Building a Social Movement; Combating Gender Discrimination in the Workplace; Federal Legislative Update; TITAN and Bookkeeping; Women and the Politics of Consumer Action; and Boycotts.

Probably the most attended workshop was by Dr. Grace Syn, who presented "The F.A.B. (Fabulous Alpha Beauty): Ultimate Lifestyle Improvement Workshop." Because if any women doesn't take care of her health first, then little else can be accomplished successfully.

Read this and other stories in the latest issue of the JC 28 TWC Newsletter.

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FTC Considers Challenge to Food Merger

Source: (Originally published in the Wall Street Journal,September 22, 2014)

The Federal Trade Commission is considering a possible antitrust lawsuit to block the planned merger of Sysco Corp. and US Foods Inc., concerned that combining the nation's two biggest food suppliers to restaurants, WSJ Photo via teamster.orgschools and other institutions could threaten competition, according to people familiar with the matter.

The FTC, which has been investigating the merger for several months, is weighing other alternatives, such as requiring Sysco and US Foods to divest assets to competitors, these people said.

The commission hasn't yet decided whether to challenge the deal but a decision could come within weeks, these people said. The FTC in recent years has been relatively quiet on challenging mergers. Many big-name deals have landed instead at the Justice Department, which shares antitrust authority. The department last year filed lawsuits challenging major mergers in the airline and beer industries. Both cases ended with settlements before trial that allowed the deals to go forward.

Sysco announced plans in December to buy US Foods for $3.5 billion. Both companies buy food and other supplies like napkins and cutlery in bulk from manufacturers and sell it at a markup to restaurants, cafeterias and other food-service operators.

Sysco and US Foods, which combined would make up more than 25% of the $231 billion U.S. food-distribution industry, say the merger will help them cut costs, boost purchasing power and improve customer service.

But with the next largest competitor at one-fifth the size of the merged firm, some restaurant owners, food manufacturers and other stakeholders are worried the marriage would eliminate an important competitive dynamic in which Sysco and US Foods each serve as a check on the other's prices.
-- Read more here .

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Building Trades DOE 851 Training Set

Find out more about the CPWR

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CDL Skills Test Revisions Effective 9/1/14

This is to inform you of upcoming changes to the Commercial Driver License (CDL) Skills Test. Effective September 1, 2014 changes to Washington's CDL Pre-Trip Inspection, Basic Controls and Road Tests will be implemented.

Any driver testing on, or after this date, will be required to adhere to the revised CDL test criteria. A driver who takes a skills test on August 31 and disqualifies will be required to retest under the new requirements.

To see a summary of the primary changes to each of the Skills Test Sections and download the appropriate pdf documents, please click here.

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UPS National Master Agreement Available

The National Master UPS Agreement is now available on the Teamster website in the format in which it will be printed. Supplements, Riders and Addenda will be added as they are completed. You can access the final agreements by using the links provided.

You may view all regional supplements and Riders by visiting the Teamster UPS Agreements page.

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Who's Safe if Sysco Acquires US Foods?

Who's Safe if Sysco Acquires US Foods?Work for Sysco, Sygma, or Fresh Point? Your managers are probably saying you'll be fine. Work for US Foods or Stock Yards? Guess what: Your managers are saying the same.

If the federal government allows Sysco to acquire US Foods, the combined company would have 249 facilities and more than 63,000 workers. But 91 broadline facilities will overlap in 40 markets across the country. The company says it plans to save $600 million from "synergies" – which is a fancy word for eliminating costs. How many jobs could be cut?

If Sysco closes all the US Foods facilities in these overlapping markets, thousands of jobs– union and non-union – are at risk. How many are at risk if Sysco keeps its highest-volume facilities open and closes smaller, underutilized facilities? What if Sysco shifts work to different distribution centers within its newly expanded network? No one knows.

Unrepresented workers at either Sysco or US Foods, with no legally-binding contracts, have no recourse to protect their jobs.

That's why we all need to stand together – union, non-union, Sysco, US Foods – until the company provides real answers to our concerns.

Are you prepared to wait to see how it all shakes out on "Day One?"

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UPS Contract Facts

To: UPS Local Unions
From: National Negotiating Committee
Date: April 24, 2014
Allegations August 12th letterhave been made that the National Negotiating Committee implemented the contract because it did not file paperwork that was necessary to permit a legal work stoppage to be called. There is absolutely no truth to this. The fact is, the contract was opened in August 2012. Notices were not sent to the FMCS at that time because the contract was opened extremely early and there were no disputes for mediation. However, once it became apparent that some of the outstanding Supplements/Riders would not be successfully negotiated without additional pressure being brought to bear on the Company, we filed a Form 7 with the FMCS to satisfy all legal requirements in the event that the Committee felt that concerted action would be required.
-- Read more here .

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2013 National Master UPS Agreement, All Supplements, Riders, Addenda In Effect Starting April 25, 2014

The Teamsters UPS National Negotiating Committee, pursuant to Article XII of the IBT Constitution, announced that the 2013 National Master United Parcel Service Agreement, All Supplements, Riders and Addenda is in effect starting April 25, 2014.

The wages contained in the agreement are retroactive to August 1, 2013 and UPS has committed to expediting the checks for Teamster members' retroactive wage increases. The retro check will be a separate check to avoid being taxed at a higher rate. In addition, UPS will begin making retroactive contributions to the health and welfare and pension funds immediately. UPS currently owes over $300 million to Teamster members and funds. Now Teamsters will be made whole.

The agreement contains unparalleled wage and benefit increases. New language offers strong protection from harassment and retaliation. In addition, the new 9.5 language, protections regarding SurePost and all of the other improvements and protections contained in the new agreement will be in effect.
-- Read more here.

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HazMat driver licensing becoming more convenient in May

Commercial drivers who haul hazardous materials (HazMat) will soon be able to more closely align their driver license renewal cycle to their federally required HazMat threat assessment.

Beginning May 18, 2014, expiring commercial driver licenses (CDLs) that are HazMat endorsed will be renewed for a length of time more closely matching the time remaining on their Department of Homeland Security HazMat threat assessment, depending on when their birthday falls in the calendar year. This new procedure will allow HazMat drivers to take advantage of more of the time remaining on their current threat assessment.

This is now possible because DOL was granted the authority to issue CDLs with renewal periods of less than five years. When a CDL is issued for less than the maximum term, the fees are prorated. Once the renewal cycles of a driver's CDL and HazMat threat assessment are matched up, the driver will again start renewing both on the same five-year cycle.

This means these drivers will spend less time in DOL offices keeping their documentation up to date because they will be able to renew their CDL and their HazMat endorsements at the same time.

More information is available at

*NOTICE: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has updated the documents necessary for HazMat drivers to complete their threat assessment. Additionally, TSA email addresses and driver fingerprint locations may have changed. The latest information from TSA is available at

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January 2014
Local Union No. 690 Newsletter

Download this month's newsletter here

Download a complete print version of the latest issue of our newsletter by clicking here, or on the image at right.

   Stories in this month's issue:
  • UPS, UPSF Updates
  • Local 690 Teamsters Stand Up to American Medical Response
  • Local 690 Supports Striking Nurses and Staff at Valley and Deconess Hospitals
  • URM Driver's Ingenuity Helps Him Survive Sub-Zero Temps
  • Local 690 Once Again Leads Nation With Dr. Pepper/7-Up Contract Settlement
  • YRCW Teamsters Approve Agreement Aimed at Saving 30,000 Jobs
  • 2013 Membership Appreciation Christmas Party
  • 2012 Election of Officers Sustained
  • 2013 Steward Seminar
  • From the Desk of Secretary-Treasurer Val Holstrom
  • The Broken Wheel

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Adam Hawotte

Adam Jay Hawotte

Adam served our country in the United States Air Force. He served from 1993-1997 and served in support of Op Desert Shield/Storm. Adam was a member from Coca Cola where he had been a valuable employee for 15 years.

UPS Freight Members Overwhelmingly Ratify New National Contract

January 15, 2014
From Ken Hall, Co-Chair, UPS Freight National Negotiating Committee Ken Hall's letterUPS Freight members ratified the contract with 71% voting yes; almost 70% of the membership turned out to vote on the Agreement.

Congratulations to all of the Local Unions for making the process so successful. Because of your hard work, UPS Freight members will be able to receive the substantial pension improvements, wage increases and protections of the new Agreement.

The provision regarding health insurance benefits in Article 25, Section 1 will become effective March 1, 2014. Members in California who would like to enroll in Kaiser will be able to do so later in the spring and will receive their care from Kaiser beginning July 1, 2014.

Anyone retiring on or after January 1, 2014 will be covered by the UPS Freight Health Care Plan until March 1, 2014, at which time they will be transferred to the TeamCare retiree medical plan.

Please contact the IBT Package Division at (202) 624-8755 if you have any questions.

-- View vote results here.

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More about the contract...

UPS Freight truck cabThe new five-year national contract, which covers 13,000 UPS Freight workers, improves and protects wages, benefits and working conditions at a time when most freight companies are making cuts. The contract:

  • Provides $2.50 in wage increases over five years, making UPS Freight Teamsters the highest-paid in the industry;
  • Improves and protects pension benefits;
  • Lowers health insurance co-pays while maintaining strong benefits;
  • Puts laid-off road drivers back to work;
  • Provides the ability for more part-time workers to become full-time;
  • Improves and protects vacation benefits of workers serving in the military; and
  • Significantly lowers monthly cost for retiree health insurance.

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Important reminder about CDL Medical Certificates and Self-Certification

All commercial driver license (CDL) holders must meet federal self-certification and medical certificate requirements. To learn more, see:

If you do not self certify by January 30, 2014 your CDL will be removed on January 31, 2014

If the CDL is removed, driver will pay all CDL licensing fees to get it back. Driver who goes without the CDL after it has been removed for one year or more will be required to start over with knowledge testing, skills test, and show certificate of completion from an approved school or registered employer.
-- Go to WSDOL website for more info.

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2013 Christmas Party Highlights


See more photos from the December 14th Christmas Party here.

Business Representative Larry Kroetch announced the 2013 2nd Annual Big Buck Contest winners:

  • 1st  place winner:  Michael Smith, URM
  • 2nd place winner: Brian Torosian – FSA
  • 3rd place winner:  Jordan Howeton – Franz Bakery

Ben Carroll, pictured below with Secretary-Treasurer Val Holstrom and President Matt Tanner, won the Quilt Raffle.

Ben Carroll, Secretary-Treasurer Val Holstrom and President Matt Tanner

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The James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund

 James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship

James R. Hoffa became a Teamster member in 1934, served as General President for 14 years, and, in recognition of his tireless service to the Union and its members, was honored as General President Emeritus for life. At the November 1999 General Executive Board meeting, General Secretary-Treasurer C. Thomas Keegel presented a resolution to establish a new scholarship fund in recognition of Hoffa’s outstanding contributions to the Union.

The 2014-2015 scholarship for high school seniors has an application deadline of March 31, 2014.

Download the instructions and application form.

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West Region UPS Supplemental Agreement Passes by 75% "Yes" Vote

UPS package carTed Bunstine, UPS Division Director of Joint Council of Teamsters No. 28 reports, "I am pleased to report to you that the West Region UPS Supplemental Agreement has passed by a 75% "Yes" Vote. Every Local Union in Joint Council No. 28 passed the Agreement with all Locals increasing the number of ballots returned from the June 2013 vote.

"Joint Council President Rick Hicks and I would like to thank you all for your hard work and dedication to this process."

(You can see the official vote tally for local Riders and Supplements HERE.

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2013 Shop Stewards Seminar

Click to see the slideshow!

The November 23, 2013 Shop Steward/Member Seminar was a rousing success!  Topics covered included:

  • Hours of Service rules
  • CDL Drivers
  • Introduction to Organizing
  • Overview -- NLRB

Speakers were:

  • Adam Morrison - Local NRLB Attorney
  • Claudia Galloway - IBT Organizing
  • Tom Hamilton - Director - Teamster Training Center
  • David Ballew - Local 690 Attorney

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Teamsters/AGC Training Center Announces 2014 Sechedule

Classes have been set for the 2014 8-Hr Hazardous Waste Worker Refresher training sessions, as well as the 40-Hr Hazardous Waste Worker Training. Download a schedule by clicking on the appropriate link above, or one of the graphic links below:

Download the 2014 8-HR Refresher Class schedule here.  Download the 2014 40-HR HazMat Training Schedule here

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Nov. 2013 UPS Contract UPSDATE

Download and share this flyer

Ballots are hitting homes soon for members to vote on their tentative, five-year supplement, and in some cases rider, with UPS. The UPS National Master Agreement was approved in June by a majority of UPS Teamsters. A "yes" vote on your supplement and rider will clear the way for you to receive the benefits of that agreement, including a 70-cent per-hour wage increase.

"The UPS National Master Agreement is a strong agreement that addresses the priorities that UPS Teamsters made clear they wanted," said General Secretary-Treasurer and Package Division Director Ken Hall. "To lock in and begin to receive the benefits of this contract, I urge all Teamsters to vote 'yes' on their supplements and riders as soon as possible."

Your Teamster Supplement and Rider Negotiating Teams have been working diligently to renegotiate and strengthen your area agreements. Ballots must be received by 10 a.m. Eastern (EST) on December 10.

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Teamsters/AGC Training Center Now Accepting Applications

AGC Apprentice Training flyerThe Teamsters/AGC Training Center provides training for members of the following Union Locals in Washington and Idaho:

  • 38 Everett, WA
  • 174 Seattle, WA
  • 252 Centralia, WA
  • 313 Tacoma/Pierce County, WA
  • 589 Port Angeles, WA
  • 690 Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho
  • 483 Boise, ID
  • 983 Pocatello, ID

Training programs include:

  • Apprenticeship Training, (6-weeks)
  • OSHA 10, (10-hours)
  • Hazardous Material DOT/PORT, (8-hours)
  • Hazardous Material Training HAZWOPER, (40-hours)
  • Hazardous Material Refresher Training, (8-hours)
  • Load Securement, (8-hours)
  • Fork Lift, (8-hours)
  • DOT Hazardous Material Instructor Training (HMIT), (48-hours)
  • CPR, (8-hours)

Construction Teamsters work in the road building industry. This includes both dirt work for new roads and rebuilding of existing roads combined with paving operations.

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2013 "Safer Drivers — Workers Training Workers" Classes Scheduled

Download this flyer

2 Day No-Charge Train-the-Trainer Class

  • Spokane – November 12 - 13
  • Tukwila - November 20 - 21
  • Tacoma – December 4 - 5
  • Everett - December 11 - 12
  • Tukwila – December 18 - 19

Taught via 15 Minute Safety Meetings

  • 50 Safety Meetings in all
  • Provides a Safety Topic of the Week
  • Send Your Key Drivers and Safety Personnel
  • New! 4 Hour CSA/Tires Workshop
  • Pasco - October 12th
  • Spokane – November 16

SPACE IS LIMITED! For more information or to sign-up call 509-545-8297 or to to the website:

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Public Defenders Have Strong Ally in Local 690

Carol Huneke wins back job, thanks to Local 690Public employees in Eastern Washington have a strong ally in Local 690, representing more than 350 public employees in Eastern Washington and North Idaho. The Teamster local recently came to the defense of one of its members who works for the county as a public defender and won her reinstatement complete with back pay, benefits and sick leave.

"I was fired by the county, but thanks to the great representation from Local 690, I was reinstated in my job as a Spokane County Public Defender," said Carol Huneke. "Seven years ago we needed representation and turned to Local 690. I was the first person to join and now, due to the diligence of the Teamsters, I was reinstated to my job and can continue doing the work I love."

Huneke works as a public defender representing people who are accused of a crime and cannot afford an attorney, She enjoys the work, puts in long hours defending her clients and considers it a privilege to serve the community.

"The county denied our wrongful termination grievance so the local immediately filed for arbitration with the county and the local's legal team went to work preparing this very complicated case for arbitration," said Val Holstrom, Secretary-Treasurer of Local 690. "The process took 14 months and Carol's arbitration lasted seven days but we were up to the challenge. We fought for Carol and won. The arbitrator ordered the county to reinstate her with no loss of seniority and make her whole for all lost wages and benefits."

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UPS Teamsters Approve National Contract; UPS Freight TA Rejected

UPS package carTEAMSTER MAGAZINE, Summer 2013
A majority of UPS Teamsters voted to approve a new five-year national contract that contains significant wage increases and other improvements.

The vote on the contract, the largest collective bargaining agreement in North America, was 34,307 to 30,202. However, 17 local supplements and riders to the national agreement did not pass.

Separately, UPS Freight Teamsters rejected their proposed five-year national agreement with UPS Freight by a vote of 1,897 to 4,244.

The Teamster negotiating committees responsible for the UPS supplements and riders that were not approved by a majority of voting members will be talking with the members in their areas. The Teamsters Union also is scheduling meetings to engage the company in further negotiations to achieve members' objectives.

As for UPS Freight, the National Negotiating Committee is scheduling negotiations with the company to address members' concerns.

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ABF Members Approve National Master Freight Agreement

ABF rig

ABF members have approved the ABF National Master Freight Agreement, which protects workers' health, welfare and pension benefits and helps save 7,500 union on freight jobs.

Members also approved 21 of the 27 supplements. At press time, the National Freight Division was working with local unions to re-vote the supplements before the national contract could take effect.

"This national contract addresses our members' number one goal - to protect their health, welfare and pension benefits," said Gordon Sweeton, Assistant National Freight Division Director and Co-Chairman of the ABF Negotiating Committee. "We accomplished this despite all the financial challenges the company is facing."

The national contract also helps ABF remain competitive, which protects 7,500 Teamster freight jobs. ABF's revenue declined by about $250 million since 2009.

The national agreement does call for a 7-percent pay cut, but that will be entirely recouped by the fifth year of the contract.

"Nobody ever wants to see a pay cut, but in light of the company's struggles and our desire to see the company survive, something needed to be done," Sweeton said. "It is in our best interests, as well as ABF's,that this company be given a chance to climb out of this deep recession so that our members' futures are protected."

The national agreement was unanimously endorsed by the ABF Negotiating Committee and by local union leaders that represent ABF members.

The agreement will run for five years, retroactive to March 31, 2013.

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Wage Increase, Other Improvements Await Passage of UPS Area Supplements

Download this issue of UPSDateThe UPS National Master Agreement, which was approved in June by a majority of UPS Teamsters who voted, achieves many contract enhancements that members identified as extremely important, including wage and benefit increases, additional fulltime jobs and language improvements on issues such as harassment, 9.5, SurePost and military leave.

Those provisions, including a 70-cent per hour wage increase, were negotiated to take effect Aug. 1. But members probably have noticed the raises have not been reflected in their paychecks yet.

That’s because the national agreement does not take effect until all regional supplements and riders have been approved. As of this press date, there are 17 supplements and riders that have not been approved.

Read more articles inside this issue of UPSDate!

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Teamsters Mourn the Deaths of UPS Flight Crew in Recent Crash

The Teamsters Union extends its deepest sympathies and condolences to the families of the pilots lost in the crash of UPS Flight 1354 on Aug. 14, 2013.

This tragedy is deeply felt by the Teamsters Union, which represents 250,000 workers at UPS. The Teamsters also stand ready to offer support to our brothers and sisters at the Independent Pilots Association as they work to help their members' families through this difficult time.

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Brittany Ann Babinski
(11/11/1991 - 08/07/2013)

Brittany Ann Babinski came into this world on November 11, 1991 as a beautiful 9-lbs. 4oz baby and was cruelly taken from us on August 7, 2013.

Brittany Ann BabinskiBrittany would often take care of her older brother by making sure that he received the same treats and got to go on the same adventures with her even as a young toddler. That concern for others stayed with her and has carried through to each of her siblings, her cousins, her friends and each child she worked with. Brittany had an intrinsic shine that allowed her to overlook the flaws and seek the good in every person she met.

Brittany grew up in Spokane, Washington; graduated from West Valley High School and moved onto Central Washington University. Brittany loved to dance. She was a very successful Scottish Highland dancer. She touched many lives across the country and Canada through dance. Our Highland Community had a huge impact on Brittany. Her dance shaped her beautiful personality. Between dance and her family, she was in a constant state of happiness. Her smile was contagious and she was known by that beautiful smile.

Brittany leaves behind her parents, John and Janelle Babinski; her siblings, Christopher, Brandon, Daniel, Tyler, Zackary and Cortnie; her boyfriend, Jared Flood; grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and many friends. Brittany touched the hearts of many lives and will be missed by all. Donations in Brittany's name can be made at Banner Bank and Numerica.

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FSA Ratifies New Five-Year Agreement

Bargaining Unit Members at Food Services of America voted to accept a new five-year Agreement on August 10th after a long and hard fought battle with the company over wage & pension increases, maintaining current health & welfare coverage as well as bargaining sufficient H&W caps that we expect to cover future increases.

The Members stood strong and rejected a "Last Best and Final Offer" from the company on June 29, 2013 and gave authorization to the Committee to call a strike if and when it deemed necessary.

The Members began a Solidarity Campaign with buttons, stickers and windshield posters, armed with that message the Committee, assisted by Representatives from Local 2, 690, 760 & 839 as well as a Representatives from JC-28 and the Warehouse Division resumed negotiations with the employer and were able to negotiate a fully recommended offer.

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Hours of Service Regulatory Update

From the IBT:
Please be advised that the United States court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit recently issued a decision to a lawsuit filed by the American Trucking Association and other parties to challenge provisions of the Hours of Service Regulation as promulgated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. In this decision, the court rejected the regulatory requirement for drivers who are involved in interstate short haul operations to take a 30 minute break within the first eight hours of beginning a tour of duty. Short haul operations drivers include those drivers who meet the following criteria:

Are 100 air-mile radius drivers who:

  • operate within a 100-air mile radius of the normal work reporting location
  • return to the normal work reporting location and are released from work within 12 consecutive hours
  • have at least 10 consecutive horus off duty separating each 12 hours on duty
  • drive no more than 11 hours each work day


Are 150 air-mile radius driver who:

  • do not operate a vehicle that requires a commercial drivers license
  • operate within 150 miles of the normal work reporting location
  • return to the normal work reporting location at the end of each tour of duty
  • do not drive for more than 11 hours each work day
  • have at least 10 consecutive hours of off duty time between duty tours
  • do not drive after having been on duty for 60 hours in a 7 day work week, or 70 hours in an 8 day work week
  • do not drive after the 14th hour after coming on duty on 5 days of any 7 consecutive days
  • do not drive after the 16th hour after coming off duty on 2 days of any period of 7 consecutive days

It is important to note that this court decision does not alter, in any way, provisions within your respective collective bargaining agreements that allow for rest and lunch breaks.  If you have questions or need additional information, contact the Safety and Health Department at 9202) 624-6960 or via email at

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UPS Contract Update

Download and print Ken Hall's letter here

As you are aware, the national agreement was approved by a majority of Teamsters who voted.  However, 17 supplements and riders were not approved. 

Unfortunately, until all of the supplements and riders have been approved, the wage increases, benefit increases and language improvements dealing with issues such as 9.5, harassment, SurePost, Premium Services, military leave, additional full time jobs, and an increase in the starting wage for part-timers cannot be implemented. 

The bargaining committees are working with their members to make changes to the supplements and riders that did not receive a majority of votes so that they can address issues and send them out for balloting. 

When negotiations opened, UPS was demanding major concessions in health care, including the proposal that UPS employees pay a significant share of the monthly premium currently paid entirely by the company. We attempted, and we believe we were successful, in bargaining a new health care plan, TeamCare, that is comparable to the former UPS company plan and does not require UPS Teamsters to pay a monthly premium.  Nevertheless, the prospect of changing health care plans produced uncertainty among many UPS members and, in some areas, led to a vote against some of the supplemental agreements.

Although some members voted down their supplements because they were unhappy with a change in their health care, it is the national agreement that covers economic issues, including health care. Because it was approved by the membership, it is a binding agreement that cannot and will not be re-opened. 

Now that the new TeamCare plan has been ratified in the national agreement, the International will begin an effort to educate members on its basic features. The International believes members will find that it is an excellent health care plan and that the benefits are comparable to those they had under the company plan and superior to those that most Americans receive.

However, the National Negotiating Committee will be working with the TeamCare trustees and administration to make improvements in areas that members were most concerned with. In the end, this will make TeamCare a comparable plan to the UPS company plan and UPS Teamsters will continue to receive excellent health care benefits with very low out of pocket costs, including not having to pay a monthly premium.


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AGC Contract Vote Results

The membership voted overwhelmingly to approve the AGC Contract, as well as the Medical Plan change from Plan B to Plan Z.

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Dairy Workers in Washington Win With Teamsters

From the IBT web site, Local 690 Secretary-Treasurer Val Holstrom with Estenson members

“My Dad was a Teamster for 35 years, so I knew that we could have real benefits and a stable working environment,” said Fred Makus, a dairy delivery driver and a member of Teamsters Local 690, Spokane, Wash. Makus is part of a unit of drivers at Estenson Logistics which deliver dairy products for Darigold, Inc. which voted to be represented by the Teamsters in the fall of 2011 and ratified their first contract late last year.

With approximately 30 drivers in the unit, Estenson supplies Darigold products to area businesses, schools and big box stores such as Target.

Darigold decided to contract the delivery of its product to Estenson Logistics, who immediately cut wages and benefits.  Immediately thereafter, the employees reached out to the Local 690 for assistance.  

“We knew we needed stronger representation,” Makus said.  “And the officers of Local 690 jumped right in and helped us.”

“The benefits we receive as Teamster members are the most important part of the contract for me,” said Kaui Pilimia, a 3-year delivery driver and proud member of Local 690. “Morale has improved here and the brotherhood at the company is stronger.”

The drivers at Estenson join the approximately 400 other drivers from the grocery and food service industries across the region that are represented by Local 690.  

“Our earliest dairy contracts date to the 1920’s,” said Val Holstrom, Secretary-Treasurer. “We are proud to have the Estenson drivers in Local 690. They stood strong and supported each other and their bargaining committee for over a year to get a contract that guarantees security, dignity and respect in the workplace. I’d like to thank Joint Council 28 for their support and especially Secretary-Treasurer Tracy Thompson and the staff of Local 117 for their assistance in our efforts.”

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Local 690 Well-Represented at JC 28 Semi-Annual Dinner

Local 690 was well-represented at the May 19, 2013 JC 28 Semi-Annual Banquet
Teamsters Local 690 was well-represented at the recent JC 28 Semi-Annual Dinner. From left to right: Joe Kuhn (Business Agent), Buck Holliday (retired Secretary-Treasurer), Al Rossi (Trustee), Mark Brandt (Businesses Agent), Val Holstrom (Secretary-Treasurer), Carol Stone (Vice-President,) Ron Vevoda (Businesses Agent), and Eric Johnson (Trustee.)

The Joint Council of Teamsters No. 28 held its Semi-Annual meeting May 17 – 19, 2013 for Delegates and Business Representatives of the Washington and Alaska Local Unions.  The weekend started off with the 21st annual MDA golf tournament, hosted by the Joint Council, raising approximately $55,000.00 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  This event, over its lifetime, has helped raise in excess of half a million dollars for this very deserving charity.

Saturday’s events included a day-long educational seminar with both local presenters and presenters from the International Union, as well as presenters from Northwest Administrators, Inc. on important topics like health and safety on the job, how local and federal legislation are impacting our members, the latest information available regarding the affordable care act (Obamacare), and tools available to Local Unions to engage and educate their membership.  The educational seminar was followed by a dinner inviting many retirees that had served the Local Unions and helped achieve the benefits our members enjoy today.  Special speakers at the dinner were Washington State Labor Council President Jeff Johnson and Washington State Democratic Chair Dwight Pelz.

The weekend was wrapped up with the Semi-Annual meeting for the Unions’ Delegates and Representatives.  Special Retirees honored were Rick Olson, retired Local 38 President, and John A. Williams, retired Joint Council of Teamsters No. 28 President, International Warehouse Division Director and Local 117 Secretary-Treasurer.

Read Jeff Johnson's terrific speech at the JC 18 site.

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Inspiring Stories Captivate Unity Conference Attendees

Inspiring Stories at Unity Conference

The war on workers and what the Teamsters Union is doing to fight back took center stage today at the 2013 Unity Conference, and the attendees were uplifted by powerful speeches by leaders, members and soon-to-be members. View more photos.

Teamsters General Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall opened today’s session by reporting on the financial condition of the union.

“Our union is in great financial shape and I’m proud of that,” he said.

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, a Democrat and member of Local 786 in Chicago, said his state is surrounded by states with right-to-work-for less laws. However, Illinois is going in the other direction, supporting union members’ rights to collectively bargain while investing $44 billion in infrastructure. That work is being done through project-labor agreements that put union members to work, with Illinois leading the nation in the number of agreements.

“Right-to-work for less is a bad idea for Illinois, it’s a bad idea for America,” Quinn said.

Quinn said he is working closely with the Teamsters to make sure the union’s workers play an integral role in the public works projects.
Read the complete story at

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Teamsters Energized at 2013 Unity Conference

2013 Unity ConferenceThe 2013 Teamsters Unity Conference convened Sunday, May 12, welcoming thousands of Teamsters from the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico to Las Vegas. The 12th annual conference has brought together Teamster principal officers, business agents, organizers and rank-and-file members to share their accomplishments, their challenges and the work they are doing to advance the lives of workers. View more photos.

 “Teamsters are the best when we’re together, and you feel it right here in this room,” said Jim Hoffa, Teamsters General President, addressing the crowd.

This was a special Unity Conference for Hoffa, as it celebrated the 100th anniversary of his father, James R. Hoffa’s, birthday.

“I’m very proud to say that we’ve raised $2.5 million this year, because of you, the locals and Joint Councils, and we’re going to give away more than $800,000 in scholarships to send Teamster kids to college. That’s what it’s about, the next generation,” Hoffa said, referencing the James R. Hoffa Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Hoffa noted that this year more than 30,000 workers organized with the Teamsters, and looking to the future, 11,000 mechanics with American Airlines and 5,000 mechanics with US Airways are organizing with the Teamsters.

“We’re going to continue to grow, and it’s so important that all Teamsters get active and get involved,” Hoffa said.
Read the complete story at

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Highlights of the UPS Tentative Agreement

Announcement of TA

Non-economic Language

Harassment has taken many forms. We heard from our members around the country that there was not one single thing that led to harassment, but rather a combination of discipline, threats and intimidation based on technology, 9.5 requests, retaliation for grievance filing and inadequate staffing of centers. This tentative agreement addresses the underlying issues of harassment in several ways:

No employee will be discharged based solely on information received from GPS or any successor system unless the person intentionally defrauds the company. This is a change – last contract the company was prohibited from discharging anyone on a first offense based on GPS. Now it is a prohibition against discharge regardless of whether it is a first offense or not, except in cases of intentional fraud.

The company must confirm information obtained from GPS by direct observation or other corroborating evidence. Otherwise, the GPS information will not be used for discharge. In addition, the language was strengthened to define dishonesty as an intentional act to defraud the company.

The company admitted fault in misusing technology in the past and committed to meet with the union at the union's request if the problem continues or arises again in the future to make sure that the issue is addressed at the first sign of a problem.

The company can no longer discipline employees for any work performed by another employee using an electronic device under their name. This protects employees from the possibility of being disciplined for something they did not do.

Click here to download the pdf with all the highlights of the UPS TA.

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UPS Local Leaders Unanimously Endorse UPS Tentative Agreement

Announcement of TALeaders of Teamster Local Unions that represent UPS workers across the United States voted unanimously today to endorse the tentative UPS national agreement, paving the way for ballots to be prepared and sent to members.

View changes to the UPS contract here. View the UPS tentative agreement highlights here.

General Secretary-Treasurer Ken Hall, who also serves as Package Division Director and Co-Chairman of the Teamsters National Negotiating Committee with General President Jim Hoffa, presented the changes contained in the tentative agreement to more than 300 Local Union leaders.

“Our members made clear they wanted us to protect their health care benefits and address harassment while increasing wages and retirement contributions,” Hall said. “This is a strong tentative agreement that achieves all those things and more.”

Ballot packages will be mailed to all members at the end of May for ratification of the master agreement. Complete voting instructions will be included in the ballot package. Tentatively, ballots will start being counted on or about June 20.

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UPS Freight Local Union Leaders Unanimously Recommend Tentative Agreement For Ratification

UPS Freight TA reachedTeamster Local Union leaders representing UPS Freight workers across the country unanimously endorsed the tentative national agreement today, clearing the way for ballots to be prepared and sent to members.

View changes to the UPS Freight contract here. View the UPS Freight tentative agreement highlights here.

Details of the tentative agreement with UPS Freight were outlined at the “two-person” meeting, attended by two representatives from each Local Union. This is the second national agreement for UPS Freight Teamsters.

“Both negotiating committees were at the table at the same time representing 250,000 workers at UPS and UPS Freight,” Hoffa said. “That’s a lot of bargaining power. We were able to show a united Teamster front and it paid off.”

Ballot packages will be mailed to all members at the end of May for ratification of the master agreement. Complete voting instructions will be included in the ballot package. Tentatively, ballots will start being counted on or about June 20.

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Eugene Leroy "Gene" Frazer - Wallace-Colville Motor freight

Gene FrazerWhen Eugene Leroy "Gene" Frazer was 8 years old, his father died in a farming accident outside Colville. He moved with his mother and brother to Spokane. Gene served in the Air Force and then drove for Wallace-Colville Motor Freight until he retired in 1982. Eugene was a Teamsters Local 690 Member from 1961 till 1984. A Cadillac was his car of choice. He had a son and stepdaughter, two grandchildren, two great-grandchildren and five great-great-grandchildren. He died March 2, 2013 at age 81.

Sign the online Guest Book here.

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2013 Spokane Transportation Club Annual Truck Driving Championships Scheduled for May 11th

Download this flyerJoin the best truck drivers in the region as they compete on Saturday, May 11th, at Huntwood Industries in Liberty Lake, WA. All eligible professional truck drivers are welcome!

There is a $55.00 entry fee, due no later than April 18, 2013. Late registration will cost you $75.00! Drivers should arrive by 6:30 AM to sign in. The written test will commence at 7:30 AM.

Breakfast will be provided by Safeway and lunch will be provided by URM. An Awards Banquet will follow the completion of the event. To ensure your comfort, please bring your lawn chairs...there is no area for tailgating.

If you are interested in applying for the truck rodeo please complete the application and send it and the entry fee to:

Bob Tiffany
6014 N. Ruby Apt. #11
Spokane, WA 99208

Contact Phone: 509-279-9516
Please also fax information to Gary at 509-466-0267.

Click here to download and print the entry form.

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Attention Construction Members

Construction Members NoticeTeamsters Local 690 is in the process of updating our Construction Hire Hall and requires current copies of your CDL and ALL certifications. These include 80/40 Hr Haz and/ or 8 Hr Refresher; OSHA 10 Certifications and Forklift Operator. If you mark these on your out-of-work slip the Local needs to have current valid copies with your hard-card in order for you to be eligible for dispatches that require specific certs.

It is your responsibility to provide the Local copies when you renew your license, medical card and certifications. If you have not supplied us copies in the past year, please do so at this time. A return envelope is included, or you can fax them to 509- 326-9507 or email to kbooher@teamsterslocal690 .org.

If you have any questions, please contact the office.

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Download this month's newsletter here

February 2013
Local Union No. 690 Newsletter

Download a complete print version of the latest issue of our newsletter by clicking here, or on the image at right.

   Stories in this month's issue:
  • Local Union Election
  • Newly Negotiated and Ratified Agreements
  • Teamsters Joint Council 28 Kicks off Nationwide UPS, UPS Freight Rally for a Fair Cotract
  • 2012 Teamsters Local 690 Membership Appreciation Christmas Party
  • Local Union 690 Wins in Arbitration
  • Big Buck Contest Winner
  • Local 690 Welcomes New Business Agent Joe Kuhn
  • JC 28 News: UNFI Teamsters Ratify 5-Year Contract
  • item

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Teamsters Local 690 Mourns Passing of Cody Medley, Son of One of Our Members

Cody Medly, son of Local 690 member

A second emergency medical technician died Sunday, a day after a crash involving an ambulance and a car that claimed the life of another EMT early Saturday morning.

Indianapolis EMS said Sunday morning that Cody Medley passed away at Wishard Memorial Hospital.

Medley, 22, had been with IEMS since June 2010. He was from Pennsylvania. IEMS said friends described Medley as fun and outgoing and that he enjoyed his job.

Medley had been a member of the Sunman Fire Department before joining IEMS.

"Cody was a skilled paramedic, a loyal colleague and a wonderful friend," said Dr. Charles Miramonti, chief of Indianapolis EMS, in a news release. "While the past 28 hours have been filled with extraordinary grief loss and sadness, we've come together to remember two extraordinary young men."

Medley's father, grandfather and step-mother attended a press conference that was held Sunday afternoon.

"I could not be prouder (of) this boy, this man right here. He's an incredible person. I wish you all could have gotten to know him," said his father, Jeff Medley. Dr. Miramonti explained that some fellow paramedics were too grief-stricken to return to work so paramedics from other fire departments, including Pike Township and Wayne Township, had offered to fill their spots fur the time being.

The families of the EMTs are planning out-of-state funerals, but Dr. Miramonti said the city was trying to organize a large tribute for both men for Thursday or later in the week.

Mayor Ballard extended his request to lower flags at all City-County facilities to half-staff to honor IEMS Specialist Medley and IEMS Private Timothy McCormick

+ Read More

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Val Holstrom and "Re-Elect Teamsters Local 690 Slate" Protecting Your Future Elected to Second Term of Office

On December 8, 2012, Secretary-Treasurer Val Holstrom announced that his Slate "Re Elect Teamsters Local 690 Slate" Protecting Your Future was re-elected by an overwhelming majority vote of the membership by a more than two-to-one margin over the nearest candidate Slate.

2012 Election ResultsThe results were as follows:

503 (53.00%) Val Holstrom
251 (26.45% )Tim Hill
195 (20.55%) Ray Larsen

504 (53.22%) Matt Tanner
250 (26.40%) Kevin Cruz
193 (20.38%) Bob Holman

Vice President
508 (53.81%) Carol Stone
240 (25.42%) Neil Hansen
196 (20.76%) Rich Reilly

Recording Secretary
511 (54.07%) Ryan Beetham
244 (25.82%) Cory Bradford
190 (20.11%) Jim Bennett

507 (53.78%) AI Rossi
503 (53.36%) Eric Johnson
497 (52.72%) Ricardo lopez
250 (26.52%) Ellen Thomas
246 (26.10%) John Scoles
246 (26.10%) JJ Ohl
198 (21.00%) Holly Seal
193 (20.47%) Dan McNeil
188 (19.94%) Dan Aff

The ballots were picked up at approximately 10:00 am, Saturday December 8th at the Hays Park Post Office by representatives of the three Slates running for election and Kenny Mostern from "True Ballot" the independent election service. They were brought back to Teamsters Local 690 to be counted. Representatives from the three Slates assisted with verifying eligibility and counting of the ballots. Each Slate appointed one person to act as Judges if questions of procedure or specific eligibility of a ballot came up.

He would like to take this opportunity to thank the Rank and File observers appointed by the Slates and to the Rank and File Judges (Mark Brandt, Casey Holman and Derick Apatang) also appointed by the Slates who ruled on questions of how the ballots were to be counted and on questions that came up during the counting process.

The Ballots were counted by Teamsters Local 690 members Kellie Booher, Chris Cumor, Casey Holman, Douglas Bippes, Derick Apatang and Andy Bagley, and the independent election service "True Ballot" asked representatives of the three Slates headed by Ray Larson, Tim Hill and Secretary-Treasurer Val Holstrom if they agree the count was correct and that the minimal number of challenged ballots would not change the outcome. The Leaders of the three Slates, Ray Larson, Tim Hill and Secretary-Treasurer Val Holstrom, agreed and the count was certified as correct by Kenny Mostern of "True Ballot."

Secretary-Treasurer Val Holstrom would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the membership for their participation and support in this hard-fought election process. He also asks that now the election is over it is time for the membership to begin the healing process, set aside our differences, come together and support the "will of the membership" to build solidarity within our Union and make Local 690 one of the strongest Locals in our Joint Council.

Secretary-Treasurer Holstrom believes in the power of our great Union but says the power and strength of our Union comes from the members, and what makes our Union great is that we are a member-first, ground-up organization. He and the Executive Board again thank the membership for their support and look forward to the next three years working for the membership.

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Congratulations, Larry Eberhart!

Larry Eberhart

Larry Eberhart is pictured on his last day of work (October 31, 2012) after 45 years with Fairmount Memorial Cemetery. Congratulations, Larry--and enjoy your retirement!

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Download a pdf version of this month's newsletter

October 2012
Local Union No. 690 Newsletter

Download a print version of the latest issue of our newsletter by clicking here, or on the image at right.

September Membership Meeting and BBQ

At our first membership meeting following the summer break, the members in attendance are treated to a BBQ lunch.

2012 BBQ pics
This year Val Holstrom (shown above with Tom Nichols) served cheeseburgers, hot dogs and condiments from FSA to the Teamsters Local 690 membership.

Current and upcoming 2013 Contract negotiations


As we move headlong towards a new year we look forward to new contract negotiations in 2013 and those currently in progress. Your Local 690 staff is actively preparing to aggressively protect your benefits, gain wage and pension increases, improve your working conditions and protect your job.

Durham logoDurham took over the school district agreement in Newport, WA. They hired most of the drivers from our agreement with Mid-Columbia School Bus and have formally recognized Teamsters Local 690 as the representative of the members. We are negotiating towards a successor agreement.

First Student logThe Teamsters Local 690 members at First Student Riverside ratified a new 5 year agreement that will give every member a wage increase each year and a new rotation for extra trips. Thanks to Larry Tucker for his service on the bargaining committee with Business Agents Ron Vevoda and Larry Kroetch.

Here are some companies we are currently or will be negotiating with in 2013:
Company logos
Be invloved–Be ready to show your support to your negotiating teams.

Shop Steward Seminar Rousing Success

2012 Stewards SeminarThe Annual LOCAL 690 SHOP STEWARD Seminar held at the Oxarc facilities was a rousing success. Local 690 Stewards and interested members filled the building to near capacity. They were treated to presentations on Teamster History by Karin Jones from the IBT history department, CSA rules and training by Tom Hamilton from the Teamsters training center and Grievance processing by Iliana Flores from the IBT.

Marv Long Memorial Live to Ride Charity Poker Run sponsored by Buck Holliday

Poker Run participantsThank you to all who joined and donated to the silent auction for Cancer Care Northwest. Our committee of Val Holstrom; Trustee Eric Johnson; Retiree Secretary-Treasurer Buck Holliday; Jeff Long; and a special thanks to Shasta Fasolo. We hope to make this a more successful event next year.

Golf Tournament Raises Money For Charity

Val Holmstrm presents check to Cancer Care NW
Pictured above is Val Holstrom, of Teamsters Local 690 presenting a check for $1680.00 to Mary Ann Frandsen from Cancer Care Northwest. which was raised at our 2nd Annual Local 690 Golf Tournament on September 8, 2012. This was a big success and we'd like to thank the 27 teams who shared in this fun and worthy event. We'd also like to give special thanks to Tom Nichols (Shop Steward at Safeway) for his time coordinating this event.

Below are some of the teams participating:
2012 Golf Tourney participants

Local 690 Represented at JC 28 100th Year Celebration

JC 28 celebrated its 100th anniversary at this year's semi-annual meeting in Wenatchee and Local 690 was represented by Local 690 staff members and your Executive Board.

Local 690 representatives to the JC 28 100th Anniv Celebration

There's plenty more in this month's issue! Download it here.

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Teamsters Applaud Signing of Military Commercial Drivers' License Act

Teamsters across the country are applauding President Barack Obama's signing into law today of the Military Commercial Driver's License Act of 2012. The demand for qualified, safe truck drivers has risen over the past few years and the new law will make it easier for veterans and service men and women to obtain Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL), making them more employable once they leave active-duty.

"With construction projects ramping up there is an increased need for safe, dependable truck drivers with CDLs," said Jim Hoffa, Teamsters General President. "Through our work with the Teamsters Military Assistance Program and Helmets to Hardhats, we know that our active duty military and veterans are valued for their military training, making them sought-after candidates for freight and construction work."

The law will enable an active duty service man or woman to go through the training and skill acquisition necessary to obtain a CDL while they are performing their duties in service to the United States. The fact that they may be serving in a state other than their home state will no longer be an obstacle.

"We support this legislation," said Marion Davis, Director of the Teamsters Building Materials and Constructions Trades Division. "Our goal is to support the transition of military personnel to civilian life. We will continue the necessary training to assist veterans and active duty military personnel in becoming safe and confident drivers."

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