UPS Vote Results:

National Master: 45.74% in favor; 54.26% against
Western Region Supplemental : 68.82% in favor; 31.18% against
JC28 Rider: 86.79% in favor; 13.21% against

National turnout was 44.3%.

We are thrilled that the Western Supplement and Joint Council 28 Rider passed by high margins! Especially the JC28 Rider, which will guarantee affordable Retirees’ Healthcare, as well as many other improvements for our members. Congratulations to all!!!

It is deeply unfortunate that the politics won the day on the National Master Agreement. We thank our membership for all their hard work, trust, their leadership, and especially their positive votes for a phenomenal contract. As for the next steps, continue to report to work as scheduled until we hear otherwise from our Joint Council

We’ll keep you posted as we received additional information.