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Broken Wheel

Remembering Our Departed Teamster Brothers and Sisters

(If you know of a recently deceased member or retiree who should be added to this please, please contact our office.)

  • William Dugan, Carnation
  • Ernie Fero, Construction
  • Clarence “Clancy” Pirtle, Jr., Retired Teamsters Local 690
  • Tim Hall, Retired Nabisco
  • Mike Stauffer,  Lincoln County Deputies
  • Kerry Kaufman, American Electric
  • Dave Ragsdale, Darigold
  • Tim Bruketta, AMR
  • Richard Mabe, Construction
  • Thomas Siger, Retired Broadview Dairy
  • Nevon Long, Retirerd
  • Milford Evans, Retired
  • Ron Wittkopf, URM
  • Frank Clifton, Retired Burgan’s Furniture
  • Robert Veilette, Retired Freight
  • Jacob Brewer, Waste Management