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Why Teamsters Oppose ‘Right to Work’

The Teamsters Union has a long history of fighting to improve wages, pensions, benefits and working conditions for our members. The ‘Right to Work’ legislation being brought forward at the National and State Level are deceptive. In fact, the *Bureau of Labor Statistics concludes the quality of life is worse in states with ‘Right to Work’ laws. Wages are lower, poverty levels are higher and people are less likely to have health insurance with workplace safety standards being compromised, causing an increase in workplace deaths.

‘Right to Work’ legislation allows the government to unfairly interfere with your rights to collectively bargain and weakens our ability bargain for respect, fair pay, benefits and safety on the job!

This anti-union/anti-employee campaign is being promoted on a State and National Level.  Washington State Senator Michael Baumgartner (R), Spokane, has promoted this in the last two sessions in Olympia. Don’t stand idly by while Politicians and Big Business conspire to take away your competitive union wages, pension, benefits, and workplace safety that we have fought so long to achieve.

This legislation does nothing to create new jobs, grow the middle class or improve the lives of working families. It is shameful that members of Congress have once again chosen to prioritize big business interests over the loud and clear voices of the American middle class!

Please contact your representatives and let them know you are OPPOSED TO ‘Right to work’! 1-855-465-4694

*Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries in 2014.


RtWFlyer     Deceptive Right to Work is Wrong for Workers